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Surcee is the easy way to discover, shop, and support local businesses found right in your city.

The Surcee Mission

Have you ever wished you could find the best local products with the same ease of browsing your favorite online stores? Yeah, us too. So we created Surcee. Born out of the need to find the perfect gift, Surcee's founder struggled to find an easy way to browse his options, find and buy the right item when he needed it, and support the small businesses in his community. There simply had to be a better way.

Enter, a virtual one stop shop that makes it simple to find, purchase, and discover local products exactly when you need them. Let's face it, we all want to support our local communities and find the unique gifts and brands that make our hometown special, but nobody has the time to browse hundreds of locally owned business websites or endlessly pound the pavement in search of the perfect gift. Through a collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce we've curated a wide range of local businesses so you can browse, discover, curate collections, and shop with a simple click. Head to anytime you're in need of a surcee, it's sure to deliver.


“People want to give and receive great gifts while also supporting the communities that they live in and love. Surcee creates a unique way to shop, give, receive, and support small businesses.”

Allan Symonette

Founder of

What’s a Surcee

A surcee is a southern term meaning a thoughtful or unexpected gift. Not meant to be extravagant, surcees are just a little something to show someone you are thinking of them or to cause delight. At we believe anytime is the right time to give a great local surcee, let us help.


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